HK Extensions: Dirty Looks




September is here in twelve hours & nostalgia for the Summer past is omnipresent. Whether we achieved what we wanted or created memories that lasted, something about September & the beginnings of Autumn romanticise the warmer months passed. Autumn has it’s own idealizations & the reality of wind swept hair, burning noses & four layers isn’t eagerly anticipated, yet somehow we long for it & enjoy the Autumn until the bitterness sets in.


Today I have some gorgeous extensions to share with you guys that have fulfilled my Lord of the Rings fixation. I have always pined after Lady Galadriel’s hair & never thought I’d be able to recreate the look without a wig and a pair of old school crimpers, but it’s safe to say I love my new hair! My new hair is courtesy of the mega babes at Dirty Looks, and has turned my hair from DRAB to FAB in ten minutes.



HK Full Head Hair Extensions*Β Β£69.99

California Highlighted

You may remember my previous post stating my glue in extensions disaster; day by day I am slowly removing all of them so that I can wear hair pieces & clip in hair extensions which create minimal to NO damage to your hair when applied & cared for properly. I am regretting not dying & toning my hair before wearing my extensions as my T section has quite a lot of dark roots peeping through, but they match the bulk of my hair perfectly; I am growing my hair out for a natural ombre effect & think the extensions will still look great when I do. The hair is Remy Human Hair and is SUPER soft. The 10 hair wefts, including the quad weft mean that you have plenty of layers to create volume, natural length and graduating layers. I only used half of the hair from the packet as it’s really easy to blend & gives your hair an instant thickness as well as length.

The best thing about the Dirty Looks service is that once you receive your extensions there is a little pouch you are instructed to open FIRST, whilst leaving the other side sealed so you can test the colour against your hair whilst still being able to return the pack if you decide it doesn’t match.




I could’ve added more extensions for an even thicker look but like to keep the hair natural for an everyday look. I had a wee look on the Dirty Looks site & saw some gorgeous, helpful hair tutorials for their extensions, and also their videos on Youtube. For the colder months when the wind is in full swing I will be trying some braided styles from their step by step help.



Long hair gives me more confidence, but can also be used as a Fashion tool for creating specific looks & moods you want to achieve. These extensions are really high quality & for less than a hundred pounds with REAL human hair is amazing. They are 24-26 inches but have been cut to style & would fully recommend them to anyone. I will be using the site for more purchases in the future to feed my addiction!

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