Yoga with Reebok & RockOnRuby

Hello guys,

SO recently I have been trying to kick-start my fitness & healthy eating. I know what you’re thinking, but colder weather is coming, how will I fight the pastry, pie and duvet day urge?! I completely agree with you, however I thought that the best way to kickstart my fitness and flexibility whilst I am still a little self conscious & not amazingly motivated is to start from home. I have done exercise videos before, but I am not great at sticking to them. When I lived in Brighton I used to have a Pilates regime, so thought that Yoga would be a great step to start with.



Rock On Ruby personalised crop Β£19

To help me get started I decided that a new fitness outfit & Yoga equipment would be in order. There’s nothing like shopping to make you feel motivated, and whilst you can exercise at home without spending a single penny I need that extra push. I have been obsessed with RockonRuby since my first order. Seeing a lot of Bloggers wearing their tops on Instagram enticed me, and I have been hooked ever since.

I also checked out a lot of Sports Retailers, but Reebok was one that caught my eye since spying their ‘Reebok Fitness‘ site. I am now using the Reebok Premium Yoga Mat for fitness and hoping that I can keep up my motivation as the days get darker. It is a lot thicker than the standard mats I have tried and gives you a lot of cushioning and support. The design is great too as it’s available in a gorgeous pink (which I also want), and pulls out SO long compared to the cheap one I used to own. It rolls up into a neat little carry handle which makes it great for taking to classes too if you do them outside of your house. I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying Yoga without a mat, and investing in a premium one really is worth the money.


Reebok Premium Yoga Mat Β£26.99 (Cheapest I found at




I use online videos on Youtube, but I also went into CEX to pick up some secondhand DVDS, most of them were 99p! I can’t afford a gym membership at the moment, and I know I invested in new attire for Yoga but it’s something I can use for all different sports in the future, especially when I start running when I get my confidence back.

yoga 3



How do you keep fit & healthy as the days turn colder??

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