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Natural & Organic are the words on everyone’s lips these days, and when it comes to make-up & skincare it’s something we should all be aiming for. Thea Skincare was launched in late 2011 by Althea who inspired to create the gorgeous skincare products from an enlightening trip to Africa in 2008. The village on Lake Malawi inspired Althea’s range, despite the local villagers living in mud huts, without electricity, running water or modern sanitation they used the natural resources around them as Beauty products. The exfoliators were inspired by the people of Lake Malawi using grains of salt that lined the banks to exfoliate their skin, and the rocks and stones to remove hard skin off of their feet- inspiring stuff huh?!


The brand Thea was coined from Althea’s own name which has connotations of purity, natural beauty and luxury, which exactly what the brand aims to exude. The whole range is Paraben and Sulphate free, suitable for Vegan use and is NOT tested on animals, as well as being natural and organic. Before even using the products I was excited to try them as it ticked all the boxes for being the perfect, ethical brand!

Thea Skincare kindly sent me the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme range to review which featured mini: cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser for a full skincare routine. The range is meant to brighten and revive dull skin without the use of harsh scrubs, allowing it to be suitable for all skin types.

Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Exfoliator (Full Size £24.95)*


Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Cleanser (Full Price £21.95)*


Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser (Full price £29.95)*


To buy all these products as a set it would set me back £77, would I pay it? Yes! I see reviews on lots of products where people say ‘that’s so expensive!’, and it really depends in terms of what you donate as expensive, I think if a product is really effective & lasts long enough to justify the price it isn’t expensive to me. I know that I will paying for something that isn’t tested on animals, it’s paraben and sulphate free, it’s completely natural and organic AND it’s kind to my skin. I have used a lot of harsh exfoliators on my skin over time as I thought it was the right approach for my pores & spots, and it really was a bad mistake. I also used to neglect moisturising as I thought that it would balance my skin but I couldn’t have been more wrong, having a great skin routine is really important.


The products SMELL amazing. Some ingredients include: Organic aloe juice, organic palm, organic shea & mango butter, seaweed extract, organic green tea, organic bilberry, orange, lemon and cranberry extracts, essential oils and Vitamin E. All ingredients sourced for their skin pampering qualities for renewal, nourishment, moisturising and anti bacterial properties.

The consistency of all three products is quite thin, and for me personally this is ideal. I have normal/oily skin and I don’t like to have something too thick and heavy on my skin, it really does depend on what your preference is, but for me it is a benefit. The exfoliator is so light on your skin, but you can feel it lightly scrubbing at your impurities without damaging your skin or your pores in the mean time.





Organic & Natural

Thin, lightweight consistency

Scrub isn’t harsh

Smells amazing


It’s a product to invest in, can be pretty pricey

I like to use products specific for my skin type: ie for spots & pores

Overall I would definitely purchase products off the website as I really enjoyed this range, but think that I would focus on the blemish range, as this is a great product for all skin types, but if you need something targeting then it’s best you use specific products!

23 thoughts on “Thea Skincare: Natural & Organic

  1. Oh I love the sound of these, great name, I love using natural products, I also believe the price is actually good value, I have seen creams with all the added chemicals three times the price. The scent sounds good and I can almost smell it from your description. Thanks will have a nosey.

    Jo Given to Distracting Others (Co Founder of UK Bloggers)

  2. I wonder whether it being organic make their shelf life much shorter? I personally wouldn’t mind organic as long as it doesn’t expire before I can finish it, and with that price I’d probably use sparingly lol! I do love trying out new products hence the beauty boxes hehe! xxx

  3. I’ve made the same mistake too, using those harsh face scrubs to get rid of dry patches and being left with a red face! I love how they’re full of good ingrediants, the exfoliator might be something I check out :) xx

  4. I love that it’s organic! I really need to use more organic products on my skin, not just washes and cleansers but also just MAKEUP in general… sadly I don’t have the money to go full-on organic… maybe one day!!


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