Benedict’s Bakery: Easy, Quick YUMMY bakes



As a general rule it’s best not to talk ourselves down about anything ( as others will kindly do that for us anyway), and to celebrate our wonderful qualities (yep..), well unfortunately baking is literally my weakest point. I never did cookery classes in school, and I certainly didn’t have a Mum to take tips off of, I lived off frozen ready meals & packets of crisps. However no amount of excuses will worm me out of this one as I have had a good few years of being an ‘adult’ and still haven’t embraced educating myself, well the tides are changing! I don’t want to be a bad cook forever, and when I see girls like Martha on The Great British Bake Off, I feel like I should certainly make more of an effort!

Benedict’s Bakery intrigued me when I saw the gorgeously packaged ingredients in quaint little jars. The bonus of ordering these is that you only have to add eggs, butter & BAKE(Mel & sue simultaneous shout at the ready) the majority of the time, which is AWESOME for me. It means that I can bake something really quickly & easily, yet also learn new recipes for myself to use in the future. Each little jar comes with what ingredients are included, and also what you need to add, so is perfect at building up your knowledge if you aren’t great at cooking.


I decided to buy Fudge Brownie Mix && White Choc Chip Pancake Mix. Pete LOVES brownies & fudge, and I have a sweet tooth for white chocolate and pancakes so we had the best of both worlds!

I will share my favourite pancake mix first, just because it was heavenly & SUPER easy to make.




Included in the jar was:

100g Plain Flour

1 Heaped TSP of castor sugar

1 Heaped TSP of white chocolate chips

And I needed to add was:

1 LARGE egg, 7TSP of milk and oil for the pan!

I whisked all the ingredients together and VOILA! I have literally spent mornings searching for easy pancake recipes as I can never seem to remember how to make them, and this was WAY better than any I have tried to create, plus with the added bonus of the chocolate chips (yum yum)


One tip I will add is to ensure that you add a little bit more milk or water than it says on the recipe sheet, as I followed mine to a T and they came out VERY thick, which was actually really tasty, but if you want something thinner and more like your traditional pancake then do ensure you add more liquid as I had to almost spread mine.


I literally could eat this everyday as a dessert, I made it at 3am the other night!




All you had to add to this mix was:

100ml Melted butter

2 Eggs

and Pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees ready to bake for 25-30 minutes,

with a loaf tin handy, but I actually used silicone moulds to make brownie cakes!


Melting the butter is KEY when it comes to making a ‘fudgy’ brownie, as to differentiate between a cake and a brownie you need less flour and more butter so make sure you don’t cheat!


Your mix should look really glossy & chocolatey, with little lumps of Fudge pieces which are included in the mix jars.


I actually really like the look of the ‘Brownie Cakes’ thanks to using the silicone individual moulds, as opposed to using a loaf tin and cutting slices. I must admit I did leave them in for about 40 minutes because my oven is really unreliable, but advice to others FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. They were still nice and fudgey inside with a little crispness to the top of them which was a great texture combination.

Overall I will be ordering from Benedict’s bakery again, and urge you to give them a go if you want to get creative in the kitchen but aren’t a pro like Martha yet!

20 thoughts on “Benedict’s Bakery: Easy, Quick YUMMY bakes

  1. These jars are such an amazing idea, i saw a similar brand like this recently i thought it was such a great thing for a present too! The brownies look sooo good as do the pancakes! My homemade pancake attempts last year were shocking so i think i need to try something like this haha xxx

  2. The jar idea is AMAZING, I would love to buy these, it would make baking a lot easier if all I had to do was add eggs and butter :D (I’m not the best baker, especially with cookies I ALWAYS burn them!) The brownies look super yummy… wish I could stick my hand in the screen and grab one lol! Creepy thought, but I’m really hungry right now as I type this haha!


  3. This is such a good idea! Planning all the ingrediants and measuring them can take ages, so this would save so much time! Plus it would save me from all the baking disasters ;) xx

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