Hot Hair Transformation


Hot hair obsession


You don’t have to know me very well to realise that I am obsessed with hair experimentation. I have dyed my own hair every colour under the sun- it was only last week I went from red to pink. Despite my crazy experimentation projects I have learnt that you shouldn’t mess with your own hair TOO much, even though it’s super fun it can be really damaging in the long term which is why I am addicted to wigs and hair pieces. Changing your hair up without damage, and producing thicker, longer hair is a no brainer for me- I am in!

You may remember way back in December last year I became attached to a curly brown clip in ponytail from the lovely HOT HAIR, well I have another gorgeous hair piece from them since I have left the dark side and can see it being a summer staple very quickly. I have tried a few 3/4 wigs before and they easily incorporate into my daily routine of getting ready and I will show you why!

 photo9 photo10

I love receiving big boxes in the post, I don’t know what it is about them but it makes me feel spoilt and I love it! The 3/4 hair piece I used to style my hair was the ‘Beyonce’ in R21 at £65, with curly waves and a gorgeous shine it wasn’t just the name that won me over. However it was a pretty difficult choice choosing between the selection here as I loved the look of all the 3/4 wigs- so maybe look out for some more in the future!


Once I took the wig out of the box I hung it onto one of my sticky hooks on my wall, I am displaying a rather large number of hair pieces of my wall which occasionally creeps out visitors but I like to see what I am going to wear- just like clothes! The box is perfect for everyday storage but I just chose to display it for ease in the mornings.

photo 2

The 3/4 wig is the quickest I have ever done my hair. All I did was scrape my hair tight into a high bun and clipped the hair piece under the mound of hair. As you can see from the photos the colour match is ideal and it is so quick and easy to apply. My hair is done faster than styling my own natural hair!


As you can see from the side the hair blends in completely and is undetectable when your own hair is up, I am super impressed!


I love the length of this wig as it is still a natural length that could be achieved with your own hair. The curls and body make it look just styled without any effort and it is virtually undetectable.

What do you think? Would you try this hair piece? xx

3 thoughts on “Hot Hair Transformation

  1. Lovely to see you back blogging again hun i’ve missed you too:) Hair looks gorgeous as ever, love how effortless and easy it looks to make your hair look fab and curly like this! xx

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