Disney princess colours OOTD


It’s not often that I will find my clothing inspiration from Disney films (why the heck not, eh), but for this Summer vibes outfit I accidentally became inspired by the Disney princesses. I know Disney princesses are popular with old and young, and I have to admit when living in Brighton it was hard to tear myself away from the fancy dress outfits, cute mugs and toys. This outfit is a little bit of fun, but one that I wore out for dinner when I was felt like the weather was beginning to heat up a bit. Wearing pastels always seem perfect for Spring/Summer any-time, and this year mint has really taken off.

disney priness colours

Naturally I didn’t decide to whip out a ball gown or my mermaid tail, but instead I went back to basics and looked at the colours. ‘Jasmine’s’ turquoise has always been a stand-out colour for me, and despite my own choice being slightly lighter I still think it’s a gorgeous colour. The aquatic colour still seems reminiscent of ‘Ariel’ at the same time. My pink choice was immediately decided after seeing the traditional sleeping beauty, and let’s face it pink is always a good choice. ‘Mulan’ also features in a purple and pink ensemble at the end of the film, and was always a favourite of mine.





Candace Scuba Midi Skirt in Mint £9.99

Lexi Strappy Crossover Frill Bandeau Top in Pink £14.99

Missguided never fail me in creating outfits for £20-£25 which is massively impressive considering how much I dish out for other sites. Now I have started I am not looking back, and my Disney inspired outfit is going to follow me through Summer 2014.

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