Boots 3 for 2: Part one haul

Hello my lovelies!

Now I am moving in about 3 weeks, and have been trying to save every penny that I have to make sure it happens… Then Boots comes along and blows me out of the water! I am sorry, and I know it’s hard to believe but I just couldn’t resist some raved about essentials. After clearing out my vanity case I felt an emptiness and urge for products to change my make-up for Spring, and Skincare products to combat my non existent sleep & blackheads.




Sleek are a brand that I see raved about and highly rated, so I thought I would give them a go. Since my crazy eBay selling & clear out I don’t have any eyeshadows so thought this natural palette would be a good starting point. The contour kit seems so easy to use, and am hoping it helps fight the urge to talk myself down about my flaws.

Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory are definitely an excessively quoted brand, and for good reason. I love their lip plumpers & chose one with an extra injection of colour as I like my lips to be deeper than nude/pale pink, I’m also a sucker for the packaging.

Max Factor

I haven’t tried Max Factor foundation before, let alone the ‘Panstick’. I like the concept of an applicator similar to a large concealer, and hope it applies evenly. It smells lovely, it’s the perfect size for my bag & after just a swatch it seems like a perfect colour match.


Despite the hype I haven’t tried any Seventeen products before, and decided to start on a blusher. I wanted to brighten up my Spring look, and make a change from bronzer for a small price.


The double ended loreal brow pencil, highlighter & brush looks amazing, it cost me under a fiver and has the brow essentials in something very compact and easily accessible.


The Revlon foundation is 24 hour stay and targeted at oily/combination skin. They do a lovely pale colour which I find hard to match my skin, so when this did I was super pleased, I’m hoping it helps combat my skin problems.




I purchased the No7 foundation applicators as they look amazing for coverage, and I was previously using a pretty embarrassing blotting sponge! The pore purifier is the most exciting product, with the exfoliating nozzle which I hope will create miracles as well as a pleasant facial.


The anti-dark circle roll on looks amazing with added concealer. I like the idea of a cooling, calming effect whilst actually camouflaging my bags! I haven’t tried the roll on without concealer, so I’m hoping it lives up to expectations.


Boots own brand pore strips are amazing, and are half the price of the £10.99 ones they sell in store, they are my weekly saviour. As for the nails they are perfect for blog posts, but due to a mild lactose intolerance my nails are bendy as hell so falsies are right up my street for strong, gorgeous nails I can style.

I will be doing specific reviews over the next few weeks, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see specifically dolls.

8 thoughts on “Boots 3 for 2: Part one haul

  1. I’m loving Boots 3 for 2 offer at the moment! It’s like half of the shop is on offer. I ended up getting a few items from Sleek, and just stocking up on some general things like (lots of) shampoo and conditioner. ;) x

  2. You got some amazing bits! You will seriously love the contour kit,the no7 applicators look good! I love boots 3 for 2 but can be very dangerous haha xx

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