Astrid & Miyu March 2014 Secret Box


How on earth we are onto the third month in 2014 already I have no idea… In fact halfway through & progressing on to April. The good news is it was time for my quarterly Astrid & Miyu Secret Box delivery which I had exceptionally high hopes for, and instead came crashing into a mediocre response that’s gradually turned into liking and accepting what I received.


I hurriedly ripped opened the cardboard box and welcomed the gorgeous new baby blue packaging before revealing the contents. First impressions were that I usually receive two Astrid & Miyu bags so the product quantity seemed the same as usual before revealing exactly what was enclosed. The note stated that I would receive stackable necklaces or rings, and naturally I longed for the necklaces as I want to have my money’s worth.

The box used to have a value of £100, but now instead adds up to a supposed double of the subscription- roughly £78. The additional samples were a cute addition which I welcomed, and was a nice touch for a jewellery subscription to have variety.

The Big Reveal




…the fanfare slips away, and a small violin seems more appropriate, I was a tiny bit underwhelmed. The three rose gold rings totted up to £77, £24 each for the midi rings & £29 for the other… Not personally a price I would pay for Fashion jewellery unless looking for something very specific, let alone £40 for midi rings..

Negativity aside, I absolutely love Rose Gold, it’s my favourite colour for jewellery & particularly looks nice with the rings. I love the colour detailing, and thin delicate nature of them, how they fit perfectly entwined.


The Harmony Creme Balm was a welcomed beauty addition I hadn’t tried before, it smells divine & thanks to the creaminess is lovely and moisturising. (The size is perfect for the box, but wish I had a larger sample as its great!)

The green balm was perfect as I just grazed my arm and seemed to soothe and calm. I look forward to experimenting with it as a hot cloth cleansing balm.

The skin feelings tattoos look so quirky & delicate, and despite not using them yet I look forward to pairing with the midi rings.

Previous design Vs Now


The rejuvenated design definitely exudes sophistication, and makes receiving and keeping the box/pouches much more aesthetically pleasing.

Previous contents Vs March


I think I was a little underwhelmed this month after receiving the statement, jewelled cord necklace & silver sparkling ring in December as it seemed a lot more tailored to the preference survey. Despite this month seeming a little impersonal, they will be a nice addition to the collection and are very dainty and cute.

You can buy a subscription to Astrid & Miyu’s Secret box for £39, have you signed up already? What do you think?

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