It’s what’s on the outside: Dr Nick Lowe (Acne Recovery)


Hello my lovely readers!

Today I have a very honest, bare faced (literally) review for you all. Over the past 7 days I have had a lot of turbulence, & in terms of my skin, extreme stress causes me acne & this is not something I just dismiss. My whole body & skin was crying out for help due to the situation so for day one I really look like lukewarm death so please forgive me for your nightmares, but I want this to be a genuine account of skin recovery for you all.

You may have noticed a very small, but important space in my February favourites filled by Dr Nick Lowe’s Sebum Control Cleanser,well this is my 7 days skin road to recovery with that exact product paired with the ‘Oil Control Day Cream.


Dr Nick Lowe Oil Control Day Cream (50ml) retails at £17 on their website, (it can be purchased via Boots for £15.90 but it’s out of stock). I must mention if you do order off the site directly you can earn points just like you would at Boots to spend on other products, which is probably going to add up for myself!


Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser (200ml) retails at just £12 on the site, meaning you can pick up 12 points towards your savings!

Why am I not giving anything away already you may ask? … Well if that question is on your lips it’s because I want you to see the results for yourself first.



I know people have varying levels of what they perceive acne to be, but this is my skin at its very worst. Before I started using the products it was more than metaphorically crying…


Three days after using the product I noticed a vast difference in my skin, I apologise for my phone quality but I hope the difference shows. I haven’t altered sleep, diet or exercise.


After just 7 days of using I think that my skin has had a vast improvement, I only sleep about 2 hours a night so I can only compliment the products I have used on my skin to its added colour, and dramatically reduced breakouts.


Prior to this cycle I used to use two different liquid foundations & a powder after how self conscious I felt about my spots, and here aside from my brows/eyes I have used one layer of CC cream and no blemishes are visible at all.

How does it apply?


The Oil Control Day Cream absorbs into your skin so easily, and once massaged in leaves no grease (As you can see in photo 3). Previous products I have used have left my skin feeling heavy, almost like I had sun cream on my face. Due to problems in the past I always held the belief that any moisture on oily skin was BAD, how wrong could I be! No-one wants dry, peeling skin & that’s what I caused through drying it out to the extreme. It’s great to have moisture and colour back in my skin from the day cream.

The Sebum Control Cleanser definitely contributes to rectifying the over production of oil created, contributing to my breakouts. I use the cleanser morning and night before I use the day cream. The cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin, and leaves it feeling fresh without feeling taut. Neither of the products produce any unpleasant smells, and just like the day cream the cleanser doesn’t leave behind any residue such as- stickiness or heaviness which I have had from 90 percent of cleanser I have tried before.

Why doesn’t it dry out your skin?

The anti-bacterial cleanser is alcohol free so it won’t burn or strip the skin when it’s deep cleansing the pores, something which hasn’t been grasped by some companies still.

Ok, so why doesn’t the cream make you oily?!

The moisturiser is light and easily absorbed with anti bacterial properties. It has been specfically created for spot prone skin, and therefore isn’t going to sit heavy on your face. The main purpose is to control oil, so if you are someone who avoids a lot of moisture due to your skin type then I couldn’t recommend this more highly.

Why do I love it?!
I think that one of the main causes alongside stress and hormones that can cause spots is dirt and make-up. It is so easy for your pores to absorb mounds of make-up when you sweat or apply too much. It is also not to be ashamed that when you are leaning on your face, rubbing it, touching it or allowing your fringe to brush against then unfortunately you are going to get breakouts. I love the anti-bacterial properties in both the cream and the cleanser, and the main products I have seen available prior to this are toners. I have only used toners on my face before, probably about 3-4 times a day scrubbing at my pores with them which is borderline insanity. This is a kind to your skin way to keep up the glow and moisture but also combat problem areas.

What do you think? Can you see the improvement?

Look out for ‘It’s what’s on the inside’ this week :)

7 thoughts on “It’s what’s on the outside: Dr Nick Lowe (Acne Recovery)

  1. Oh my gosh Jess- I’m actually amazed at the difference- and in such a short time! I usually keep Proactive for if I have breakouts, but it’s nearly finished and I might have to give this a go instead I think! Xx

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