Topshop New Year’s sale


Hello beautiful babes,

I know everyone says ‘don’t apologise for blogging absences’ but even after 3 days I am apologetic. Blogging is my passion, and pretty much my life at the moment. If you follow me on Twitter you will realise I have some turbulence going on, but I refuse to let that ruin my blogging!

In the New Year sales after the Boxing Day rush & with my Christmas gift cards I picked up some pretty amazing Topshop bargains, which admittedly I couldn’t have purchased with my own money but for gift card purposes- amazing! I have worn nearly every item already & am absolutely loving them. They are new staples in my wardrobe replacing the gaps left by eBay.


I went accidentally leopard print crazy. Okay, so to you this may not be crazy but I’m usually really not in love with leopard! I couldn’t resist the £7 welly boots & £20 rain jacket. They are two items I haven’t managed to wear yet, however they will be a strong feature if I make it to a festival and particularly handy in Spring showers and chilly Winters for that matter.


I snapped this gorgeous floral fishtail back top for £10, I risked a size 4 and was so glad of my decision. I had my eye on the top before the sale even started so was pretty darn happy! The skirt has featured in my #ootd’s already as its a basic, comfy and warm (double thickness midi)! That was also a mere £10 before discount!



I nearly returned the skirt & top, upon realising I couldn’t get cash back as I used a voucher! I love the pieces and am so glad I kept them rather than try and salvage any money!


Both of these items were regrettable returns due to my stupidity! You know the whole ‘I love it so much, ill just squeeze into a smaller size’ really didn’t work with Topshop’s under sized size 4 ballet pumps & size 4 ‘super skinny’ jeans. The embroidered jeans were stunning, and would’ve been perfect in the size up, as were the gloss detail quaint shoes.



This feather collar for £15 really was the show stopper for me. It’s original price was £45 and it looks every bit worth the price you pay. It’s glamourised my Lipsy London dress with more than subtle hints of The Great Gatsby. I’m never one to want to accentuate my shoulders, but this just oozes elegance and is so so pretty!

I also finally got round to cosying into my Topshop Christmas sale items! Midi skirts can be so comfy, warm and yet sophisticated!



I’m pretty impressed with my finds and new outfits. What do you guys think?

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