November Degustabox: Winter Treats

  My favourite subscription box and my absolute favourite time of the month- in case you wondering, it’s the day the Degustabox arrives! Forget new Beauty products that half the time have no… Continue reading

John And Ginger Reed Diffuser: Green Tea, Citrus And Ginger

  Surprisingly enough despite my obsessive candle collecting and occassional controlled pyromania, I have never tried a reed diffuser before. Anything that can potentially make my room/ cube of a flat smell fragrant and… Continue reading

F&F #PartySOS look

Over the past two years I have come to LOVE F&F Fashion. Going from a Supermarket browse, to an online, scouring frenzy they are sure to make the cut when payday arrives. If… Continue reading

Rose Bath Bombes Kit: Kirsty Allsopp craft kit

    Isn’t this set just beautiful? I had no idea Kirsty Allsopp had craft sets in Hobbycraft until recently, and boy am I glad to have found them. I absolutely adore her, I… Continue reading

My 21st Birthday!

Hello lovelies, Now I know these posts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps because of the pre-empting fear of boasting…however this post isn’t like that at all. It’s not very often you have… Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Chip Toffee Cupcakes (with edible cases)

In case you guys haven’t noticed from my tweets, Insta activity or increase of food related posts- I have started baking again! I went through a very dry patch where I had no… Continue reading

Bonjour HK Asian Make-Up : Part Two

  I hope you enjoyed my Part One ‘Eye Brightening Make-Up Looks’, as Part Two is all about getting a healthy glow. If you put the two posts and products together you should… Continue reading

Healthy & Quick Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps

My last recipe using Degustabox ingredients was very ‘naughty but nice‘ (if you didn’t catch it, take a look here). However my latest recipe  if you can call it that is really quick, really… Continue reading

Bonjour HK Cosmetics: PART ONE Asian Make-Up

        Bonjour HK  have blown me away again; last month I was wowed with a selection of Asian Skincare products here where I found a potential blemish eradicator and a weird and wonderful… Continue reading

My Marshmallow cream cookie cup recipe

Ok so the title is a little bit of a mouth full perhaps, but what’s even worse is that’s an abbreviation of what I actually made (crazy). Since receiving my October’s Degustabox my… Continue reading