Make Up Revolution Vamp Lipsticks

Happy Halloween witches!  I AM BACK with a lipstick set even cheaper than £1 each, are you impressed?! Today I am sharing Make Up Revolution‘s gorgeous Vamp Shade set which is a rather… Continue reading

Scents I’m loving

Cue the stereotypical Autumn pinings and pleasures claiming that this is the best season of the year- that is until we are all stuffed up with colds, getting fat from all the indulgent,… Continue reading

Make Up Revolution: Atomic shades

Thrifty is certainly not my middle name, but when it comes to make up , over the past year I have learnt that you can find some fantastic dupes or budget brands. Make… Continue reading

Girl in Mind: Alternative use for a dress!

Lately I can’t seem to just wear a garment as it is intended to be worn; Autumn is the time for layering and experimenting so I thought what perfect time to buy a… Continue reading

What I am Loving: W7 make-up

A couple of weeks ago I was left astounded at how much of a Make-up detox I had when I moved house. Every once in a while I like to pull out all my… Continue reading

Vintage Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks is a website I frequently browse but don’t seem to buy anything off. Number one I am poor as hell for their prices and number two I am poor as hell… Continue reading

‘Little Black Dress’

Slogan tees will never go out of Fashion for me. They have been recycled, revamped and brought to fame thanks to a MAHOOSIVE amount of celebrities. I do sometimes like to create a… Continue reading

Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse

Hello lovelies, You may have noticed that I have been trying fake tans like a crazy lady at the moment to find ‘the one’. My last fake tan review received a 9/10 purely… Continue reading

His n Hers ‘Borrowed Style’

I’ve wanted to do a his n hers style post for a while now but unsurprisingly it took a lot of persuasion to get there! This may sound vain, and a lot of… Continue reading

Money saving tips at University

Have you ever felt like all those ‘students’ with Macbooks, fancy cameras, the latest I-phones & brand spanking new clothes are just laughing at you?! Those students that somehow last the whole term… Continue reading