Mary Elizabeth Natural Skincare

 Natural sustainable skincare is something I feel passionately about, and despite not always being able to afford or use it solely I definitely favour it over mass produced synthetic products. Mary Elizabeth is… Continue reading

RefMe: Making essays easier!

I definitely didn’t mislead you when I stated that RefMe makes essays easier, but of course I can’t help you with the actual content, that takes hard-work, lots of studying, or in my… Continue reading

Warehouse Spring Fashion picks

 There’s nothing I love more than having a complete wardrobe overhaul. I spent a whole evening swapping my Winter wardrobe to Spring/Summer pieces and it was so satisfying. I don’t feel like I… Continue reading

ESPA Nude Tinted Moisturiser Review

    Who’d have thought there would be a tinted moisturiser suitable for oily skin? Not me that’s for sure, especially one that claims to be naturally radiant, hydrating and offers a sheer… Continue reading

Carrera 5024’s: Sunglasses Shop

Carerra sunglasses are about as iconic as you can get and the same can be said for their ‘Champion’ aviators. Carerra was launched in 1956 and has since been seen on the likes of… Continue reading

Spring colour pop make-up

As soon as I found out that Distribeauty were leaving E.L.F I was absolutely devastated but begrudgingly rejoiced at the 70 percent off sale; I made a huge haul order that only came… Continue reading

Guinot: Skincare focus on oily complexion & dry skin

    Guinot Don’t you just love it when you find a skincare brand that just works for you? And not just one product or isolated skin concern- but all of them! I… Continue reading

Nude FOTD for blue eyes

The nude make-up trend is one I thought I would never take hold of. The thought of putting down my comfort blanket that was deep red lipstick terrified me, I used to use make-up… Continue reading

Brantano: Spring Sports & Style

   We can officially say we are now into Spring;  the April fools are finally over and we are scarily into the fourth month of 2015. There’s something about April weather that just… Continue reading

Wardrobe Staple: Skinny ripped jeans

 Trend Focus: Denim Despite knowing what wardrobe staples I want and need it actually took me a surprisingly long time to build up timeless and basic pieces. Alone they are seemingly boring and… Continue reading