Everyday is like Sunday

      Hide on the promenade Etch a postcard : “How I Dearly Wish I Was Not Here”     Source Romanticism of the beach & the seaside is rife on websites… Continue reading

Pug Life OOTD

  Some of you lovely guys & gals will already have a pet sat at home, probably cosying up whilst reading this, or on the other hand shooing it out of the room… Continue reading

Yoga with Reebok & RockOnRuby

Hello guys, SO recently I have been trying to kick-start my fitness & healthy eating. I know what you’re thinking, but colder weather is coming, how will I fight the pastry, pie and… Continue reading

Thea Skincare: Natural & Organic

Natural & Organic are the words on everyone’s lips these days, and when it comes to make-up & skincare it’s something we should all be aiming for.┬áThea Skincare was launched in late 2011… Continue reading

Holy Grail: Beauty Works Hair pieces

Way back in April/May I had glue in extensions applied to my hair shortly after I had it cut into condition. Now some people really suit short hair, they have a gorgeous bone… Continue reading

How to style SEQUINS with Missi Clothing

One of my new favourite sites to shop on is Missi Clothing. I am always conscious to shop on a site which is a British Manufacturer and Wholesaler but also with a gorgeous… Continue reading

My shopping lists with Suppose.com

As a Blogger I don’t just write for my website, I also love taking time out of my day or evening to spend reading other people’s posts. The benefit from many Blogger’s sites… Continue reading

Benedict’s Bakery: Easy, Quick YUMMY bakes

As a general rule it’s best not to talk ourselves down about anything ( as others will kindly do that for us anyway), and to celebrate our wonderful qualities (yep..), well unfortunately baking… Continue reading

Modern day Mermaid

As a child ‘Why the hell am I not a mermaid?’ was a frequential question I asked myself. This was back in the day, way before mermaids were smothered with tattoos, piercings and… Continue reading

Obsession: MixMatchMe ‘Online Closet’

Clueless has become somewhat of a cult obsession in the last year, but for me I was always obsessed with the digital closet at the beginning of the film. I love to create… Continue reading