Tahlulah Ray Bikini & Swimsuit

    Today is one of the first days in about 2 years I have summoned up the courage to wear a bikini on the beach. When the weather is approx 30 degrees… Continue reading

OOTD: Wearall

Hello guys, I know I don’t need to harp on about the sun as we are ALL enjoying this beautiful weather-I am almost scared for it to end. It is improving my mental… Continue reading

The White Shirt feat Barbour & Psyche Clothing

One thing I love is a crisp, high quality white shirt, and despite the hot weather it’s one thing that can be styled for work, beach or play and still look chic yet… Continue reading

TOMS Paul Van Dyk Collaboration & Ethics

Today I am sharing with you something I have recently become really passionate about due to it’s worldly contributions and gorgeous designs. TOMS  have always been ‘my thing’, and by that I mean I-am… Continue reading

Neocig Shisha E-Cig’s Fruity Range

  Morning guys, Today’s post is about Shisha E-Cigs, and before someone jumps in- I am not promoting smoking in anyway, in fact the beauty of these e-cigs is that they are nicotine… Continue reading

Preparing for my 21st with Jokers’ Masquerade

Hello lovelies, So today’s post is in preparation for my 21st birthday, now that may not be until the beginning of November but it takes a LOT of planning. I am never one… Continue reading

Motel Rocks on the beach

Motel Rocks has been over-browsed and under-shopped by me for far too long- reason being? I am a super scrimper shopper and love a good bargain buy that gets me through a couple of months… Continue reading

The Fashion Bible OOTD at Shakedown Festival

  Hey guys, So Saturday was the big day, and by that I don’t mean my wedding day (sadly) but Brighton’s best Student Summer event- Shakedown Festival. Now as a little pre warning… Continue reading

Festival Outfit Idea Number Two: E5P & Missguided

  Hi guys, so today I am sharing with you my second festival look that I have created. I decided that today was ideal for a big floppy hat , gold and black… Continue reading

I’m at Shakedown Festival…

It’s been two years since I moved into my first flat on Brighton seafront and I can safely say I miss it dearly. It was the most expensive, corroding piece of crap with… Continue reading