Fuel Station 3 Day Juice Detox

     Juice detoxes are one of those things that are made to feel controversial if you aren’t over a certain weight- who decides this I am not sure, but then it becomes… Continue reading

Ginger and Co pampering products

 Ginger and Co Pampering  If you read my last post #sleepwithpukka you would have seen that I find it really difficult to relax; it’s not only the prospect of switching off my mind, but also… Continue reading

Pukka Herbs: #SleepWithPukka challenge

      #Sleepwithpukka There’s few conversation topics  I find taboo to verbalise and discuss, but funnily enough sleep is one of the very few. It’s kind of a touchy subject for me and I… Continue reading

Feet SOS help

    Feet. Potentially not the most pleasant of topics for conversation, but a warning to the squeamish WE ALL HAVE THEM. They are a natural part of our body and existence, and… Continue reading

My first Forever 21 order

        FOREVER 21   Despite my compulsive online shopping trips, Forever 21 isn’t a site that I have ever really considered to browse, let alone splurge my earnings. Over time… Continue reading

What I’ve been loving this week

You know when sometimes you have a truck load of responsibilities and it all gets on top of you? The best thing to probably  do is to keep calm, plan everything in a… Continue reading

The ‘Fitness Pant’ American Apparel

American Apparel is like marmite, some people dote, swoon and devote their life (seriously) to their scantily clad/fitness inspired pieces, yet on the other hand some openly, angrily people detest them; strongly expressing… Continue reading

Slimming Solutions TEATOX

    Teatox by Slimming Solutions   Teatox; another word coined thanks to our detox obsessed, tea drinking and weight loss culture. The idea, the word and the culture are constantly questioned and under… Continue reading

Zaful: My shopping addiction

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have been shopping A LOT lately. In my last post I explored a new independent brand and today I have a new discovery of mine that stocks… Continue reading

Army of no country: ‘Ariel’ Top

 I have been super excited about sharing this post with you guys and have had to hold off giving away all the photos before publishing this post. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with… Continue reading