Mink & Stone : Create your perfect jewellery

    Mink & Stone allow you to create your perfect customised jewellery with all necklaces and bracelets handmade in the UK from only premium materials. I was lucky enough to be given the… Continue reading

Slippers for Shelter

Christmas is the time for giving right? Well amongst the lengthy wishlists, food indulgence and boxsets we really should take some time out to think of those that are a lot less fortunate… Continue reading

New Look Christmas Gift Generator & Top 5 Picks

If you read yesterday’s personalised gift post you might have caught onto the fact that I am not amazing at Christmas shopping unless I have a little bit of assistance…okay well maybe a… Continue reading

Personalised gift ideas for Xmas with Snapfish

        Let’s cut to the chase with the whole Christmas gifts tradition. I am crap at buying presents, plain and simple. I could easily pass blame on the recipients being… Continue reading

Asian Beauty: ‘Angels in the Sky’ Acaiberry set

  My favourite posts to share with you guys have to be Asian Beauty and Skincare from Bonjour HK . They always have something innovative and fresh to share with me, not to mention perfect… Continue reading

Lucozade Energy cloudy lemonade reduced sugar review

Reducing sugar in our diets seems to be a popular topic for news headlines, TV shows and for the health conscious. I for one know that I eat and drink far too much… Continue reading

Coloristiq nail polish rental service

  If you love Beauty and Subscription boxes but haven’t heard of Coloristiq*  already then you need to read on. For £9.99 a month they offer a nail polish rental service where you get to… Continue reading

Bonjour HK: Kao Lavender steam eye mask with FREE Masks code

Lack of sleep and Beauty products are probably my most moaned talked about things on Social Media. I notoriously stay up until stupid o clock and then sleep for 2-3 hours in the… Continue reading

Bakerdays Letterbox Christmas cake

  Stuck for Christmas present ideas? Not keen on trekking to the post office to pay a hefty price for someone’s present? I tick both of these boxes. When you know you aren’t going to… Continue reading

November Degustabox: Winter Treats

  My favourite subscription box and my absolute favourite time of the month- in case you wondering, it’s the day the Degustabox arrives! Forget new Beauty products that half the time have no… Continue reading